Madison R headshot

Employee Spotlight Madison Rocker, Associate Account Manager

Our February employee spotlight feature is Madison Rocker, a new member of the Apogee family! Madison is an associate account manager and we are excited to see her growth!

What Hobbies Do You Enjoy When You Are Not Working?

During Madison’s free time she enjoys being outside whether that being a walk to the beach, hiking within the trails of Orange County or new trails, sailing out at sea on my boyfriend’s sailboat, biking, or finding a nice spot to enjoy the sunset. California sunsets are AMAZING! She loves to travel and explore/experience different places and different types of food. Within the last year, she has traveled to Lake Havasu, Sedona, Palm Springs, San Francisco, and Napa. Madison has been to Italy, Amsterdam, and Germany! She was supposed to go to Ireland this year but unfortunately had to postpone it due to COVID-19.

Tell Us Some Fun Facts about Yourself

Within the last few years, Madison has developed an interest in cooking and trying new and healthy recipes. She also likes experimenting with baking because she has a sweet tooth.

Advice You Would Tell Your Younger Self

Always push through the challenges that come your way, especially if you’re feeling stagnant. Pay attention to your mindset by continuing to find ways to challenge and better yourself. Ask questions and learn through your mistakes even if you’re scared to do so because you are only doing the best you can.