Tom Chapman

It’s time to learn more about Tom Chapman, one of Apogee’s Assistant Vice Presidents and the Pacific Coast Territory Leader. Check out our mini interview with Tom below and get to know him a little bit more!

Tell Us Some Fun Facts About Yourself

“I’m originally an East Coaster, I’ve moved around a lot throughout my life, and have had the opportunity to visit all 50 states, knocking Hawaii off as #50 back in 2019. I have been living in California for about 8 years, and recently moved up to the San Francisco Bay Area from Los Angeles earlier this year.

What Hobbies Do You Enjoy When You Are Not Working?

“My wife and I are big fans of the National Parks, and hope to go see all of them someday—I’m currently done 27 of the 63 total. I love rooting for my hometown Philadelphia sports teams, and was especially happy to see the Phillies clinch the National League Pennant this year (apologies to my San Diego customers and friends). As a former film student at Temple University, I’m an avid movie buff. I’ve seen all Top 100 AFI Films of All Time, along with just about being finished with watching every Best Picture Oscar Winner (For those wondering—my favorite movie of all time is the original Jurassic Park).”

If You Could Meet Anyone in the World, Dead or Alive, Who Would it Be and Why?

“Charlie Chaplin—I’m a huge fan of his work, and had a chance to read a biography about him and was completely enthralled by his life story. Also, it takes a true creative spirit to communicate a full conversation and be able to do so silently.”

What is the Best Career Lesson You’ve Learned so Far?

“Control what you can control, and never stop learning your craft.”

What is a Motto That You Live by?

“Be prepared and open to the unexpected.”