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Our product has separate limits for directors and officers and employment practices liability, thus preserving the directors and officers limit available to protect the assets of the directors and officers. Fiduciary Liability is available as part of the directors and officers. Our built-in lifetime occurrence reporting provision for former directors and officers and Data & Security+ endorsement differentiate our product. Data & Security+ endorsement provides a $50,000 sublimit each for data breach, identity theft, workplace violence and kidnap expenses plus free identity theft services for directors and officers who become victims of identity theft. Other coverage features include coverage for personal injury, final adjudication wording for personal profit and fraud exclusions, most favorable venue for punitive damages coverage and a $100,000 sub-limit for Fair Labor Standards Act claims (including defense costs and loss; state restrictions apply).

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As Apogee is a professional liability wholesaler, we are required to process all business through a licensed retail insurance agent. If you are seeking coverage for your own business or need to be connected to a retail agent in your area, please call our office at: 877-337-3200.