What is the Apogee Hiscox NOW Program?

Writing small business should be easy.  This exclusive partnership makes it fast and easy to quote and bind coverage in minutes for you small business clients. It’s a completely paperless process – no need for paper applications or signatures.  If you are a customer of Apogee, you are already registered to quote and bind using Hiscox NOW – All you need is your Apogee agent code!

How the Apogee Hiscox NOW Program Works

1) Get a Quote in Minutes

Fast & Easy Application for 180+ Professions

Enter your & your client’s information when prompted. Your contact details will be used as the call to action on the quote proposal.

2) Send Quote to your Client

Your Contact Information is Prominent on Quote

Once you’ve reached the quote page and a premium is displayed, it’s instantly bindable! Download the quote proposal PDF and email to your clients for approval. 

3) Bind Online Instantly

Policy Documents Emailed Immediately

Your client can pay annually OR monthly with no fees. Policy documents will be sent to your client directly within 1 business hour of purchase.

4) Policies Renew Automatically

Earn Commission for the Lifetime of the Policy*

Hiscox handles all servicing, billing and automatic renewals. You and your client will receive a renewal notice 45-60 days in advance of renewal.

*As long as you are the producer of record