Haunted Halloween at Home

Halloween is about 3 weeks away and you’ve probably been busy decorating your house, searching for the perfect pumpkin to make into a jack-o-lantern, or shopping for the perfect costume. Decorating and receiving candy brings so much joy to everyone especially children during this time of the year. As you may know, Halloween will look a lot different this year due to COVID-19. Don’t let the pandemic stop the fun, there are still ways to celebrate while staying SAFE!

Did someone say virtual costume party?

Throw a virtual party for family and friends to show off your family’s SPOOKY costumes! Oh, and don’t forget to dress up your furry friend if they don’t mind throwing on a costume. When picking a costume for your cat or dog be sure it fits them comfortably. To make your virtual costume party interactive, play some fun games that both the children and adults will enjoy while sipping some apple cider of course.

Halloween horror movie night

Pick your favorite Halloween movie and dress as your favorite characters. Allow your children to create the menu, some of my favorites include: ghost cookies, candy apples, and bewitching brownies! Anything to make your friends and family to get the movie theater feel with homemade spooky treats.

Hit the Jackpot

One of my favorite Halloween’s tradition is decorating pumpkins and making them into jack-o-lanterns! You may need to do the carving if you have small children to avoid any pumpkin carving accidents but allow your children to make the faces on the pumpkins prior to you carving them. Once the carving is completed, place a safe battery-operated light rather than a candle as a safety precaution. Also, if there is any leftover pumpkin, create a Halloween-themed snack for your pup or cat. I almost forgot, don’t throw out the pumpkin seeds, if you roast them they are the perfect snack (YUM)!

Stay Safe

It is very important to continue to avoid large gatherings, staying 6 feet apart of others, washing your hands, and wear a face covering!