The Importance of Home Inspectors Professional Liability

Home inspections are responsible for examining home and identifying defects, which helps homebuyers make informed decisions. One overlooked could detail could result in an expensive lawsuit from a client, a harmful impact on your reputation and significant financial consequences. Here are some real claims examples for you to take a look at:

  1. A home inspector failed to note damage to a foundation. After a second inspection by a contractor, the foundation was found to have a major structural defect, which led to expensive repairs and an allegation against the home inspector.
  2. A home inspector was unable to gain access to an attic during an inspection, which was noted in the inspection report. A month later, the roof began to leak, which led to damage to the home. The homeowner sued the home inspector for the cost of the damages.
  3. During an inspection, a home inspector knocked over a ladder, damaging a new car on the property. The home inspector was held responsible for the car repairs.

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