As we enter a new quarter, we’d like to provide some quick updates to our appetite. We’ve seen great success so far this year and we are excited to see what the last quarter of the year holds!

Contractors Professional:

  • Minimum premiums of $2,500
  • Faulty Craftsmanship included
  • Pollution/Mold coverage included
  • Project Specific Options available

Cyber and Technology E&O:

  • Up to $5M limits + excess
  • Access to Admitted markets
  • 1st and 3rd party coverage including funds transfer fraud and cyber extortion
  • $950 minimum premium for $1M limits
  • 24 hour quote turnaround for Cyber

Home Healthcare:

  • Minimum premium of $1,500
  • Can quote PL, GL, Sexual abuse, HNOA
  • Can do both skilled and non-skilled (minimum premium for non-skilled is around $750)
  • Employee Theft included (higher limits available for additional premium)
  • Business Personal Property (higher limits available for additional premium)
  • Click HERE to get an instant quote online

Employment Practices:

  • First time buyers are eligible again
  • Ability to write in high risks states like CA, FL & NY
  • Full Prior Acts available
  • Wage and Hour coverage available
  • Many classes of business are eligible for same day quoting
  • Click HERE to get an instant quote online

Law Firms:

  • Coverage available starting with 1 attorney with no size restrictions
  • Premiums starting at $1,500, except for CA, NY, FL, NJ

Miscellaneous Professional:

  • Increased appetite post-Covid
  • All sizes considered starting at $350 to over $100k
  • Premiums starting at $750
  • $5M is the highest limit we can usually offer on underlying
  • First time buyers eligible
  • Click HERE to get an instant quote online

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions about these coverages or if you need an application for any additional risks that require E&O, D&O, EPL, Crime, Fiduciary, Cyber, or Pollution Liability terms.

Feel free to submit any completed applications HERE.

Don’t forget! You can quote over the phone by calling: 888-845-1637!