pandemic proof professional liability

Pandemic Proof Professional Liability Business Classes That Remain Successful

Adapting to a global pandemic has not been pretty for most industries which leaves insurance agents a smaller pool of products to sell. We have been asked where we see most of our activity within professional liability. There are many classes that have seen an increase in demand during the Coronavirus pandemic, and we have highlighted them for you.

Management consultants are being hired to assist businesses adhere to guidelines and maximize profitability as the country begins to slowly open. Management consultants include but are not limited to:

  • Business Consultants
  • Education Consultants
  • Life/Career/Executive Coaches
  • Research Consultants
  • HR Consultants

Property Managers demand remains strong as properties need continuous management, even during a global pandemic. It may be more beneficial than ever to outsource these duties to a property manager due to stay-at-home orders and travel restrictions. Real estate agents and property managers are exposed to financial losses from lawsuits filed due to E&O every day, no matter how meticulously they conduct their business. 

Public Relations Consultants are being hired to assist businesses for crisis communication to support during the pandemic by communicating contingency plans to their stockholders and public. 

Staffing Companies remain extremely busy and productive helping to place individual in need of a new job, career change or supplemental income after downsizing or a layoff from the pandemic.

Training Specialists maintain success due to having to prepare and train companies how to move from the office to remote during the pandemic while sustaining high productivity.

Tax Preparers continue to see success because accounting services are still needed with many companies experiencing an increased demand to navigate federal benefits and tax questions.

Managed Service Providers the ongoing success for this type of business provides software on a remote access basis, which are in demand more than ever now that companies are working remotely.

Educational Consultants remain a trending class since learning has gone virtual. Schools have been struggling with the new learning system and need assistance educating kids and meeting IEP needs.

Insurance Agents remain strong due to the compulsory nature of the coverage.

Digital Marketing, Software Developers, IT Consultants, and Website Designers continue to see demand because technology services are finding themselves very busy, especially those that are enabling remote services during the pandemic.

Mental Health Counselor, Life Coach & Psychologist the ongoing success for this type of business provides support for those in need struggling mentally with the state of affairs. Some accounts may shift to online/teleservices due to the pandemic.

Personal Trainers who have been able to pivot and offer online services are faring much better and continue to see a rise in demand. Please consider some accounts shift to online/teleservices due to the pandemic as well.

Occupational Therapists are still in demand and deemed necessary. Please consider some accounts may shift to online/teleservices due to COVID.

As the pandemic continues, Apogee can continue to help grow your book of business. We will continue to provide insights to the ever-changing marketplace throughout the rest of the year.