Apogee Holiday Decor Collage 2020

Sleigh, what?! A Covid-19 Christmas

The holidays look very different due to the pandemic this year and planning for the holiday season will require more work to ensure your family remains healthy and happy.

Even though the Christmas Holiday will be different it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with your loved ones. To ensure everyone’s safety keep the gathering very intimate by limiting the number of people you invite and advising them to self-quarantine 14 days before to the gathering.

Send out creative custom E-vites to your guest list to put them in the holiday spirit. In the e-vite, you can mention any rules you’ve put in place to keep everyone safe. For example, how many people were invited/attending, social distancing rules, and anything else you want to mention to your guests.

As the host, be sure to set up hand sanitizer in the bathrooms, kitchen, and any entryways. If there will be food served, provide plastic ware or any disposable serve ware that people can throw away.

Reimagine Christmas by being in your backyard

Setting up a tent outdoors with heat lamps can put a perfect spin on your Christmas activities by keeping friends and family nice and cozy. Do you have a fire pit you haven’t used all summer? This would be the perfect time to use the fire pit and serve some hot toddies and fresh-baked cookies for everyone.

Outdoor activities for the upcoming holiday

Ice skating: this is a perfect activity that you can go with friends or family, have some fun, and get some good exercise while laughing.

Winter Campfire: If you have a fire pit or know how to safely make a fire in your backyard, get your roasting sticks out, marshmallows, chocolates, graham crackers, play holiday music, and have a delicious bonfire, winter-themed of course.

Make homemade crafts: Decorate Christmas wreaths, paper snowflakes, handmade ornaments, and any other crafts you and your family will enjoy creating.

Following any CDC guidelines that your state has implemented is important to keep the people you love healthy during this pandemic. The holidays should still be a cheerful time and you can still have fun with friends and family. I hope our suggestions help you make this holiday memorable for years to come.