Cyber Online Threats infographic

4 challenges businesses face with online threats

More than ever cyber liability insurance should be a priority investment for every business due to the increasing amounts of recent companies being hacked. Due to the pandemic, many companies have now shifted from their offices to remote working to operate the business. Data breaches occur every day and their effect on any business is devastating. Hackers are aware that more businesses are subject to even more vulnerabilities now with employees working from home. We have listed 4 challenges businesses face with online threats in the graphic above.

Why Do I Need Cyber Liability Insurance?

Data breaches occur every day and their effects on small businesses are devastating. Insureds will have to pay to notify all affected individuals as well as the potential expenses arising from credit monitoring, identity theft resolution, research, and steps for mitigation.

  • 40% of the data breach cases are from people making mistakes, such as losing laptops and flash drives.
  • 36% are system glitches, such as software updates, which inadvertently expose sensitive private files.
  • 24% are malicious and criminal attacks.

Better prepare and protect your business the right way by investing in Cyber Liability Insurance. If you have a cyber policy you will minimize the financial impact to you and your business. Avoid the potential harm to your business and brand by investing in the right cyber liability coverage today!