COVID 19 and mask

This is a new discovery and a very hot topic right now.

According to Bloomberg, a wife sues her husband’s job because she believes he gave it to her in result of him going to work. This is definitely a first but maybe not the last lawsuit against a spouse’s employer in regard to COVID-19. Essentially, the wife is claiming that due to her husband’s unsafe working conditions resulted in her being hospitalized with COVID.

Corby Kuciemba and her husband Robert Kuciemba believe Robert’s employer, Victory Woodworks Inc., is responsible for spreading COVID-19 into their household.

Robert’s illness is addressed by workers compensation and with that he is prohibited from pursuing a lawsuit with his company directly.

Judge Maxine M. Chesney is assigned to this case and advised that she might throw the case out because Mrs. Kuciemba’s claim is strictly subject to her husband getting sick at work.

What are your thoughts on this??