Food banks are non-profit organizations that collect food donations and distribute them to charities whose aim is to provide hunger-relief. Food banks rely heavily on donations for their daily operations to run smoothly and effectively, and to also provide the support to as many charities and food insecure people as possible.

Many might think that food banks and food pantries are the same thing, but they have two different roles in providing hunger-relief. Food banks supply food pantries with food and the pantries distributes that food directly to the community, where families, adults, or children are able to go to the food pantry to collect the food they need.

Thrift stores sell gently used clothing, shoes, furniture, and more for a reduced price. People can hunt for one-of-a-kind pieces or could be shopping to find clothing for themselves or their families at a discounted rate. Thrift stores rely heavily on donations they receive from the community and others because without donations, there would be nothing to sell to those that want or need to shop at thrift stores.

Food banks, pantries, and thrift stores are extremely important to the community throughout the spring and summer season. For example, with the school season coming to an end, families must find a way to provide for their children without the free or reduced-cost meals that their children receive at school. In order to continue to provide these charitable services to the community, food banks, pantries, and thrift stores must be properly covered in the event of a claim. It is necessary that the Board of Directors are insured for the decisions they are making on a daily basis. 

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