Looking to plan your next vacation? Save time and stress by using a travel agent!

Travel agents are people who arrange flights, hotels, excursions, and more for anyone who is looking to plan a vacation. With a travel agent, you don’t have to worry about anything! They will make sure everything is booked, just give them a date and a location.

Using a travel agent has the following 5 benefits:

  1. They can save you time and stress – you don’t have to worry about planning anything! Your travel agent will book the flights, stay, and activities for you, you just need to show up.
  2. They may have discounts that you won’t find – travel agents have access to discounts and deals that aren’t available to the public. You may be able to get a deal where you can have the vacation of your dreams way below your budget.
  3. They can work within your budget – no matter what your budget is, travel agents can find you 5 star accommodations within your price range. With travel agents, you know you go on a great vacation without breaking the bank.
  4. They can provide their expert opinion – websites with hotel and resort reviews aren’t always credible. Travel agents can give you professional advice on where you should stay and provide the best options.
  5. They will take care of everything if something goes wrong – you won’t have to deal with any issues or problems that come up. Your travel agent will take care of everything on their end so that everything runs smoothly on yours.

Apogee can write policies designed to cover travel agencies in the event of being sued for professional errors. These errors include mistakes made in travel arrangements or negligence in professional responsibilities.

If you would like a quote for this coverage, complete our application and email it to info@apogeeinsgroup.com!

You can also receive a quote for Miscellaneous E&O INSTANTLY via our website or by calling 888.845.1637 to speak directly with an underwriter.