We want to introduce you to our new web quoting experience! It is your one stop shop for all of your instant quoting needs. Our goal is to provide you with speed, accessibility and ease of use. We want to make doing business easy, and we strive to create opportunities that result in quick turnaround!

Here are 8 features that make our online quoting fast and easy:

  1. Responsive Design: use any device to quote
  2. Chat Feature: talk to underwrities who can answer your questions in real time
  3. Maximize Key Rating Information: get terms quickly and accurately by answering only key rating eligibility questions
  4. Bypass Roadblocks: leave answers unknown and still receive a quote
  5. Application Completion Option: answer all questions for a fully completed application
  6. Saves Time: access a pre-filled application after quoting to avoid spending time filling out Acord forms
  7. Better Organizations: view previously quoted accounts in one place
  8. Applications Library: download applications right from the Forms Library

Do you want a tutorial on how to use this platform? We hosted a webinar where we provided a first look at how our new retail web experience works and information on its many benefits! You can find the recordings for the webinar HERE.

Don’t forget that you can still quote instantly over the phone by calling 888.845.1637! If your submission is declined, don’t worry! Apogee has over 60 markets offering both admitted and non-admitted products.

We are really excited about this new experience and want it to provide an easier and smoother way for you to quote with us. Questions? Please feel free to reach out to us at info@apogeeinsgroup.com.

We look forward to working with you!