While school is out, it’s important that children stay active and engaged in enriching activities — that’s what summer camps are for! Summer camps offer arts & crafts, sports, games, field trips, and more for children throughout the summer, while also incorporating education.

Did you know that camps employ more than 1.5 million staff to work each year? This means that many clients are looking for coverage for their summer camps including sports organizations, clinics, leagues, and adult and youth organizations.

Wondering why summer camps need coverage? Check out the claims example below:

A YMCA advertised an open position for a camp counselor. The organization received seven applications and, of the seven applicants, one man was not chosen to be interviewed. This applicant alleged he was not interviewed because of his age, and he filed suit against the nonprofit organization for age discrimination. The organization denied any wrongdoing but settled the case for $15,000 to avoid full litigation costs.

If you are looking to place this kind of management liability coverage, Apogee can help!

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