Kadie Smeja

It’s time to learn more about Kadie Smeja, Apogee’s Western Region Assistant Administration Team Leader. Check out our mini interview with Kadie below and get to know her a little bit more!

Tell Us Some Fun Facts About Yourself

“I know American Sign Language.”

What Hobbies Do You Enjoy When You Are Not Working?

“I love puzzling, working out, hiking, and going to the beach.”

If You Could Meet Anyone in the World, Dead or Alive, Who Would it Be and Why?

“Barbie because she one of the most successful and powerful female influences in my life. Also, I would also love to meet Michelle Obama because her books have helped me become the woman that I am today.”

What is the Best Career Lesson You’ve Learned so Far?

“Learn the lingo of the industry you are in. If you know understand the language and the terms they use, you will be taken more seriously.”

What is a Motto That You Live by?

“You are more powerful thank you think.”